Studio hire by Essex commercial photographer Mark Coventry in Clacton-on-Sea

Studio Hire

Are you a photographer in need of studio space?

The studio is on the first floor of an old mill in Clacton-on-sea and is well equipped. Due to the nature of the building, unfortunately there is no disabled access to the studio.

It measures 6x8 metres with a solid concrete floor and a ceiling height of 2.35 metres to the beams, and 2.65 metres to the wooden ceiling.

There is free off-road parking on-site, along with shared toilet facilities.

There is a kettle and fridge in the studio for you to help yourself to Tea and Coffee during your visit.


You can hire my studio for a maximum of 4 photographers at a cost of £25 per hour (minimum of 2 hours).

You will have the use of a selection of equipment which includes:-

  • 4 x Bowens 500 heads,
  • A selection of stands,
  • Various modifiers,
  • Various Backgrounds,
  • Godox Wireless trigger and receivers.

If you are new to working in a studio environment and would like some tuition on how to setup the lights and your camera to achieve your desired results, I can offer this at an additional cost of £50.

If you are shooting full length images, there will be an additional fee to cover the replacement of dirtied or damaged paper rolls at a cost of £5 per metre. The paper rolls in the studio are 2.72 metres wide by 11 metres long.

Terms and Conditions

(Updated 29/12/19)


A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the balance due to be paid in full on or before the hire date. Please remember to include your setup and breakdown time in your hire period. Refunds will not be given in the event of a cancellation by the client.

If for any reason Mark Coventry Photography has to cancel the studio hire booking, for example due to ill health, the client will receive a full refund of any money paid, but Mark Coventry Photography will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss incurred by the client due to the cancellation.


A Security Deposit of £50 is required at the time of booking. The security deposit will be returned at the end of the booking (minus any deductions due to studio or equipment damage, paper roll replacement, or cleaning costs). If the cost of replacing paper rolls, or repairing damage to equipment exceeds £50, the client agrees to pay the balance once the repairs have been carried out and a receipt has been shown. 

Use of Equipment

Anyone hiring the studio must not:-

  • remove equipment from the studio at any time.
  • modify, alter, or tamper with equipment in any way.
  • use the equipment in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer.

Breakages, Losses and Damages

Anyone hiring the studio is responsible for all breakages, losses or damages caused to the studio or equipment by him/her, or any other person, during the use of the studio.

All equipment and services are supplied by Mark Coventry Photography entirely at the risk of the client. Mark Coventry Photography shall not be liable for any loss or damage to materials, props or equipment, including consequential loss and loss of profit however caused, arising out of the use or the inability to use the equipment supplied or agreed to be supplied.

No alterations, decorations or additions to the studio are permitted without the written consent of Mark Coventry Photography.

The client shall pay any costs incurred by Mark Coventry Photography arising out of any breach of these conditions.

The client must notify Mark Coventry Photography at the start of the hire period if the condition of the equipment is not acceptable.

Mark Coventry Photography shall not be liable to the client for any loss, damage, expense, or for any consequential loss (including loss of profit) whatsoever or howsoever arising out of or in connection with any of the following: any damage to or loss of property by the Client or the Clients servants or agents or any third party; any breakdown, stoppage or failure of the facilities and equipment provided in the studio or any other equipment supplied to the client by Mark Coventry Photography.


The following will not be allowed into the studio:-

  • Animals
  • Liquids (i.e. Paint, Water, Milk)
  • Powders (i.e. Flour, Talc, Paint Powder)
  • Smoke (i.e. Smoke canisters, smoke machines)


Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Music can be played inside the studio at a moderate and reasonable level (at discretion of Mark Coventry Photography). Noise levels outside of the studio must be kept to a reasonable level during bookings. Clients are asked to consider other occupants of The Mill and neighbouring residents when using the facilities.

Litter and Waste Disposal

Clients must not litter and drop waste on the inside or outside of the studio or The Mill, and must put all litter in specified rubbish skip which is located in The Mill car park. Bin bags will be provided and clients are responsible for ensuring all waste is disposed off and outside spaces are kept clean and litter free.


Mark Coventry Photography may terminate any hire contract if the client shall be in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions.

Threatening behaviour – Abuse – Harassment

If at any point Mark Coventry, or anyone assisting Mark Coventry, is subjected to threatening behaviour, abuse or harassment, the client agrees that Mark Coventry Photography will not be expected to continue to provide any further service with regard to the studio hire booking, and there will be no action taken against Mark Coventry Photography with regard to any refund of money to be paid for the studio hire booking period not completed. Mark Coventry Photography will notify the client of any threatening behaviour, abuse or harassment as soon as possible after it has occurred and will continue to provide the studio hire if the issue is dealt with and no further threatening behaviour, abuse or harassment takes place. If the issue is not dealt with after the client has been notified, Mark Coventry Photography is within their rights to discontinue providing the studio hire service and in extreme cases it is agreed that the local police may be informed of the threatening behaviour, abuse or harassment.

If you have any questions, or would like to hire the studio, please contact me on 07863 008778, or at

Thanks, Mark.