Fathers Day Portrait Session - 0 comments

Every Dad likes to look cool from time to time, so why not give him something different for a Fathers Day treat, and book a professional studio portrait session for your Dad this year.
He will love it and will have an image of himself looking at his best.

Limited time slots throughout the day, so book early to avoid disappointment.

For more info, or to book your place, contact Mark at or on 07863 008778

May Group Night - 0 comments
May Group Night date is now confirmed for May 10th. Please contact me on 07863 008778 to book your place or for more info. Places limited to 6 photographers.

Mothers Day Portraits - 0 comments

Stuck for ideas on what to get your Mum for Mothers Day? This could be the answer. Go on...give your Mum a treat.

New Group Evening Shoots at my Clacton-on-Sea Studio - 0 comments
I'm going to be running a regular Group Evening for up to 10 photographers of all levels at my Clacton-on-Sea Studio starting next month.

Details: Thursday 1st February 2018 - 7pm-10pm

On this first Group Evening we will have the fantastic Ipswich based model Sophia to photograph.

Through the evening photographers will take it in turns to photograph Sophia, with everyone hopefully having the opportunity to shoot 3 to 4 different looks.

When it's not your turn to shoot the idea is that you will have chance to chat to the other photographers attending to pick up tips and ideas and maybe arrange to collaborate with each other on projects in the future.

I'm hoping this will turn into a regular social gathering where photographers will be able to improve their portfolio by photographing experienced models, with a different model attending each month.

Cost: The cost is £25 per photographer, payable in advance via Paypal.
Please Note:- Refunds will not be given for any reason except in the unlikely case that the event is cancelled by the organiser, in which case all photographers who have paid to attend will be refunded in full. If you find that you are unable to attend after you have paid, you can gift or sell your place to another photographer to come instead.

Thanks, Mark.

New Portrait Lighting Workshop Date announced. - 0 comments

Hi Everyone.

I have just announced a date for my next Portrait Lighting Workshop being held at my Clacton Studio.

Full details can be found HERE, but if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Best Wishes,

New Workshop Announced - 0 comments

New Portrait Lighting Workshop

I have just added a new workshop to the website, Portrait Lighting.

2018 dates to be announced, and it will take place at my Clacton-on-Sea studio from 10am to 4pm.

Places are limited to 6 people at a cost of £100 per person.

This will be a useful workshop for those wanting to learn more about how to light portraits with one or multiple lights to create dramatic images.

For more info just click on the Workshops tab in the menu.

Best Wishes,

Makeover Photo Shoots Now Available - 0 comments

Hi everyone.

I've teamed up with a professional make-up artist and a hair stylist to bring you the opportunity to experience a full-on makeover, and then have a portrait session to obtain images of you looking amazing.

The experience will include pampering by the hair and make up artists, who will work with you to achieve a stunning look. This will last up to an hour and you will then have another hour of portrait photography where you can have a couple of changes of clothes if you wish, and I will change the background to give you a range of images to choose from.

This can be also be purchased as a gift voucher to treat a woman in your life to an amazing experience.

Full details can be found by clicking on the Makeover Photography tab in the menu, but if you would like a no obligation chat about makeover photography sessions, please feel free to contact me on 07863 008778.

Best Wishes,

Group Lighting with Speedlites Workshop 19/11/17 - 0 comments

My next Lighting with Speedlites Workshop is to be held at my Clacton-on-Sea studio on 19/11/17 from 10am to 4pm with a break for lunch.

Places are limited to 6 people, and people attending are encouraged to bring their equipment along with them.

Areas covered in the workshop include

Fundamentals of light.
Camera Settings.
On camera flash.
Off camera flash.
Single and Multiple Speedlites.
TTL or Manual flash.
Lighting Modifiers.
Your camera's fastest flash sync speed.
High Speed Sync.
Eliminating ambient light.
Balancing flash with ambient.
Freezing movement with flash.
Colour Temperature.
Using Gels.
Metering, or not?
Achieving a White background in camera.
Achieving a Black background in camera.
Assessing and controlling the ambient light.

The cost for this workshop is half the normal price at just £75 per person.

For more information, or to book your place, please contact Mark on 07863 008778, or email at

Corrine and Jaime - 0 comments

Just a few images from Corrine and Jaime's wedding at Hintlesham Hall in Suffolk earlier this year.
There was a choir, a steel band, and Corrine actually sang to Jaime during the ceremony. I've never been involved with a wedding where the Bride has decided to sing the Groom.
The firework display topped it off nicely.

New Studio space now ready. - 0 comments

My new studio space is ready to start taking bookings for Headshot and Portrait sessions. For more information, or to book a session, contact me on 07863 008778 or email at

I will also be using the studio to conduct workshops on various aspects of photography, so if you're looking to increase your confidence and improve your knowledge please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Best Wishes,

Julia and Stephens Big Day - 0 comments
Just a few Black and White images from the recent wedding of Julia and Stephen at Crowne Plaza Five Lakes near Colchester.

A great day with great people and the weather was very kind to us.

I like to include Black and White shots for all of my couples, but Julia and Stephen really wanted me to include more than normal as they both love it. To be honest, so do I, it really works when telling the story of a big day in a non organised way. Unobtrusive, observational, natural wedding photography is awesome.

Who says Headshot Sessions can't be fun? - 0 comments
These are a few images from a Headshot session with Rosy that I wanted to share with you to prove the point that Headshot sessions are a fun experience.

Not many people are comfortable having their picture taken, but I make my sessions as fun as possible to put my clients at ease and get the best from them. A little bit of coaching, and looking at the images as we shoot, helps to get you relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

As you can see in one of the images, I like to get people making faces and messing with the camera, instead of the camera messing wth them. This way we get some natural and real expressions that will get you noticed when you use them as your profile images on social media pages, or on your website.

A headshot should show you at your best and portray confidence and approachability, which I think you can see in Rosy's images.

Before booking a Headshot session with me Rosy's profile image was a selfie, but she realised that she needed a professional headshot taken to promote her new business. Be like Rosy and get a Headshot that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Best Wishes,

Gritty Portraits for James - 0 comments
Just a few shots from a recent shoot with James.

We went for the gritty look with a Black background and I think it's worked out ok.

Lit with my trusty Speedlites this is a 3 light set-up with the addition of a reflector to lift the shadows under the chin a little. Kickers were gridded to stop any light falling on the background to keep it black in camera.

Thanks to James for a fun shoot.

For more information about my Portrait Photography services please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat.

Best Wishes,

Headshot Session with Jamie-Lee - 0 comments

These are a few of my favourite shots from a Headshot Session with Jamie-Lee.
It was a fun session with Jamie's expressions becoming more confident after a little bit of coaching. I prefer the plain top in the 3rd image as it's less distracting than the brighter one that Jamie was wearing at the start of the session.
I always try to make these sessions as fun as possible and coach each client so that they feel relaxed in front of the camera, that way we can obtain some great shots that can be used for personal or business branding.

Thanks to Jamie-Lee for a great session.


Commercial Shoot for Crossfit Colchester - 0 comments
A few images from a recent commercial shoot for Crossfit Colchester.
They had just moved into new premises and wanted some shots taken of the empty gym with their brand new equipment.
Gritty images with atmosphere seem to work well and all of these images were lit using speedlites.

The Open Day was a great success and I would like to wish everyone involved all the best for the future in the new facility.

If you are in the Colchester area, give them a look.

Thanks to Chris, Carl and all of the staff at Crossfit Colchester.

Everyone needs a Headshot - 0 comments
Not that long ago, the only people who really needed a Headshot would have been Actors and Models. These days, with social media taking over the world, everyone needs a Headshot.
People in business are using professional Headshots in their Branding and Marketing strategies because they realise that potential clients like to know who they are dealing with before they will contact them.
Having a great Headshot on your website, business cards, marketing and promotional material will go towards helping you increase your client base.
Actors and Models still need to impress potential agents and employers, and they too realise the importance of an eye catching Headshot.
But, with almost everyone now having an online presence in the form of social media pages, more and more people are looking at having a professional Headshot taken to use as their profile image.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more are used by millions of people everyday, and if you have a stand out Headshot as your profile image, it gets you noticed.
A great Headshot should portray confidence and approachability, and a quick snap shot taken by a friend on their mobile phone will often show you at your worst, instead of at your best. A professional Headshot Photographer will take the time to ensure that they bring out the best in you and make you feel relaxed in front of the camera, so that you will be giving them natural expressions. A good Headshot photographer is not going to sit or stand you in front of the camera and grab an image, there should be a connection between you, and the photographer should be able to coach you into giving them the expression, look and feel that helps them to produce a great Headshot image.
You only get one chance to make a first impression, so you need to make sure your Headshot portrays you at your best, and booking a professional Headshot Photographer is the first step to ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

So, why should you pay for a professional headshot photographer? because it's a worthwhile investment in promoting yourself!

More information on my Headshots photography service can be found Here.

Fashion Shoot for new range of Prom Dresses - 0 comments

I recently conducted a fashion shoot for a local Bridal Boutique to show off their new range of Prom Dresses.
The Boutique had organised for the 3 models to have hair and make up done before I arrived, so all I had to do was set up in the Boutique and shoot the models as they changed into the various dresses.
It was about a 3 hour shoot and these are a few of my favourite images from the session.
Thanks to Sophie and the Models for a fun shoot.

Sports Portraits Session with Chris and Karrina - 0 comments

Last weekend I had a fun Sports Portraits session with Chris and Karrina at Crossfit Colchester.
Chris really started to pile the weights onto the bar for an impressive deadlift and the time flew by while we were all having fun.
Both Chris and Karrina were up for some lifting and these are a few of my favourite shots from the session.
If you would like some images of yourself in action, please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation discussion about your requirements.

Best Wishes,

New Workshop Added - 0 comments

As well as conducting the Beginners Guide to DSLR Photography Workshops on a 1 to 1 basis, I am now able to offer a "Lighting with Speedlites" workshop also.

This workshop can be conducted on a 1 to 1 basis but if you would like to book for a group please contact me for availability.

Full details of what the workshop involves can be found HERE, but I would like to point out that this is not just a theory workshop as there will be a practical demonstration of shooting portraits using Speedlites and various modifiers.

Anyone attending one of these workshops will be encouraged to bring along their own equipment.

Best Wishes,

Gemma - 0 comments

This is a re-worked version of a portrait I took of Gemma a while ago.
This shot has a speedlite in a softbox as the main light, and two further speedlites giving a rim light to separate Gemma from the underexposed background and sky.
I love using speedlites for portraits, whether I'm indoors or outside, as they are small and portable enough to place exactly where you want them, and with a good range of modifiers available you can control the light to achieve the effect you are looking for.

Best Wishes,