Individual Headshots

Session Fee = £50

This includes:-
* Up to 1 hour in the studio.
* Additional hours charged at £30ph for the option to have unlimited time at the studio.
* Coaching.

At the end of the session you choose which images you would like to purchase at a cost of £35 each.

Team Headshots

Priced on your requirements

Team Headshot sessions can be conducted at my studio or on location, and the price is determined by the number of people to be photographed, and the location of the shoot.

For an accurate quote on the cost please let me know your requirements.

headshots Information

"You only get one chance to make a first impression"

What to expect:

We will have a consultation meeting before the shoot to discuss everything, so that you are fully informed about all aspects of the session. This can be conducted over the phone or at the studio.

During your headshot session I will shoot as many different looks as possible in the time allowed in order to give you a range of images to choose from that will suit your needs.

I like to review the images as we go so that I can coach you and give you tips and tricks that will help you to look awesome in your Headshots. By editing as we go we can adjust the look and feel of your images if we need to.

At the end of the session we will go through and choose the images you would like to purchase. I will then edit them for you and deliver them as fully edited digital files.

Editing and Retouching:

I will personally edit and retouch your chosen images to the standard you can see in my headshots gallery. Images will be edited to give a pleasing colour balance that is correct on my computer screen, with pre-discussed blemish removal carried out to a level that I feel is appropriate. If you would like any additional retouching after delivery, this would be charged at £20 per image.

My style:

I like to shoot in a style that produces eye-catching, stand-out headshots that will get you noticed. If you would like your headshots taken in a particular style please mention this before your session. As stated above, we will review the images as we go, so if there is anything you feel that you would like to change with regard to the style, this should be addressed during the session.

What to wear:

Plain clothing works best, anything with patterns or bright colours tends to be too distracting. Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. Earrings should ideally be removed, although small stud type earrings can be ok. Necklaces can be distracting and should be removed. You will need to have a range of items of clothing to choose from at your session, but only have clothing that you are really happy with.

Hair and Make-up:


Hair should be ready to shoot in the style that you would like to present yourself. We can shoot a couple of different styles as the session progresses.

Make-up is best kept subtle, as bright colours will be very distracting. It's best to start off fairly light and maybe add as we go to achieve different looks.

If you would like to have a Hair and Makeup Professional attending as well there would be an additional fee to cover their costs.


I don't advise men using any make-up at all. All chosen images will be retouched, so blemishes can be removed.

Hair should be ready to shoot in the style that you would like to present yourself. If you have facial hair it looks best if it is groomed so please be ready for your session.

If you would like to have a Hair Styling Professional attending as well there would be an additional fee to cover their costs.

Booking and Deposit:

When booking a Headshot session a non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure your date and time.

I look forward to helping you promote yourself or your business, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat.