Headshot Coaching

Not many people feel comfortable in front of the camera, in fact most people hate it. This may be because you've had a bad experience in the past. Not all photographers can put people at ease and make them feel confident during a headshot session. Not all photographers are proficient at lighting you in a flattering way. If you choose an experienced Headshot Photographer your professional portraits should come across as engaging, and be effective at encouraging people to contact you.

I love working with business professionals, to create a stand-out, eye-catching Headshot that shows them as confident and approachable. Coaching my clients during their Headshot Session is the part that makes a real difference to the end result. The before coaching and after coaching images often show a dramatic difference in how you come across in your Headshot.  I spend time with you to show you tips and tricks that help you look at your best, and build up your confidence until you're comfortable in front of the camera, which is a major contributing factor that will enable us to create the best Headshots you’ve ever seen of yourself.